Yankee Lobster


Commercial Lobster Co. is a long established company serving the seafood business for over 60 years.  Boasting a state of the art facility in Boston new Seaport District.  Using old and new methods we are able to produce a product unmatched.  Using a direct draw system our lobsters are held in a constantly circulating natural environment, producing the most delicious lobsters around.  Let us help you with all your lobster, crab and shellfish needs. We can ship anywhere in the continental United States!

Commercial Lobster Co. is our wholesale division which also distributes lobsters, crabs, shellfish, and other seafood products. It provides these products to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other purveyors throughout the continental United States.

Please call us at 617-946-3355 or email at MZanti@Commerciallobsterco.com

Fax: 617-946-3331